Benefits of Association 

Strength in Numbers

As one individual, you may feel you have relatively little power to effect change. But membership in a large organization of like-minded professionals can help you not only advocate for the issues that matter to you, but often see major results.

An Avenue for Change

Joining an organization that’s working for your best interests not only allows you to support the causes that matter to you, but it provides an outlet where your voice as a professional is heard.

A Physical Network

“There is a lot of evidence that our democracy is based on having citizens connected with one another,” says Pamela Paxton, a sociology professor from The University of Texas at Austin. “When we connect with one another in associations we learn that our self interest is actually connected to the interests of others. That gives us a conception of the public good, common identity, and sense of common responsibility as a nation and as citizens.”

Why Join SENTAC?

New Members

  • Aaron van der Leek
  • Abdul-Rahman
  • Abigail Moore
  • Adam Karkoutli
  • Alexa Kacin
  • Ali Martinson MS, CCC-SLP
  • Allison Ma
  • Amy Ashbum
  • Amy Du
  • Andew Bluher MD
  • Andre Isaac MD
  • Anita Lazar PA-C
  • Anne DeLeo MSN, CRNP
  • April Johnson MA, CCC-SLP
  • Ari Saravia
  • Bita Naimi
  • Brendan Sweeney
  • Brendon Tapasak
  • Brian Long NP
  • Brittney Griedziejko AuD
  • Caitilin Bertlesen MD
  • Caroline Bonaventure
  • Caroline Lynch
  • Catherine Moyer AuD
  • Catron O’Dell AUD
  • Cheryl Hersh CCC-SLP
  • Christen Caloway MD
  • Christian Francom MS
  • Colin Fuller MD
  • Conner Haring AuD
  • Conor Devine MD
  • Cooper Munhall
  • Dahye Hong MD
  • Danielle Lyon 
  • David Crockett MD
  • David Mancuso
  • E V Raman MD
  • Emily Greywoode
  • Gabrielle Wolter
  • Gene Chunhao Liu MD
  • Genevieve Stubbs PA
  • Gillan Liberman 
  • Greachen Sackmann AuD
  • Hengameh Behzadpout MSHS
  • Henry Hortia
  • HyeRan Choo DDS, DMD, MS
  • Jacelyn Olson AuD
  • Jason Toy
  • Jeannine Hoch MA, CCC-SLP
  • Jennifer Brown PA-C
  • Jennifer Casteix MS, CCC-SLP
  • Jessica Novak AuD
  • Jewel Greywoode MD
  • Josh Wiedemann MD
  • Joshua Wood MD
  • Karen Banker PA-C
  • Karen Fallace AuD
  • Kathryn Tribulski AuD
  • Kavita Dedhia MD
  • Kelly Pagels PA-C
  • Kimberley Howard PT
  • Kimberley Luu MD, MHPE
  • Kristien Kaisley Stanton AuD
    Caroline Sabatino AuD
  • Kristina McCauley PA-C
  • Kristina Powers
  • Lauren Gabra
  • Lauren Gute PA-C
  • Lauren Kwa
  • Liana Yee CCC-SLp
  • Lindsay Zombek MS, CCC-SLP, LSLS Cert.
  • Lydia Redden
  • LynnMarie Eyde AuD
  • Madison Loffer AuD
  • Majid Fakeeh
  • Malak Gazzaz MBBS, FRCSC
  • Maria Park PA-C
  • Marissa Schwartz MD
  • Maryl Kaufman
  • Matthew Partain MD
  • Melanie Blumenthal MD
  • Melanie Breown Fruhner AuD
  • Michael DeMarcantonio MD
  • Michele Morrow MS, CCC-SLP
  • Michelle Florentine
  • Mohammed Garrada MSc
  • Monica Nagalla
  • Najweh Zadeh NP
  • Neil Mondaghan
  • Niraja Pancholy
  • Nizar Kheraliah MD
  • Noelle Morrell SLP
  • Olivia Bender AuD, CCC-A
  • Olivia Speed
  • Page Beukelman AuD
  • Pamela Clarke MS, CCC-SLP
  • Pranit Sunkara
  • Prasad Thottam MD
  • Priyanka Bisarya
  • Rachel Lucas MA, CCC-SLP
  • Ramya Kumar M.S., CCC-SLP, BCS-S, CNT, CBS, NTMTC
  • Rebecca Cole MS, CCC-SLP, CLEC
  • Rebecca Maunsell MD
  • Ryan Borek MD
  • Ryan Meyer
  • Ryan Ruiz MD, MSc
  • Saied Ghadersoh MD
  • Sarah Grond
  • Shannon Doolittle AuD
  • Sheela Deivanayagam
  • Soren Mickelsen M.A., CCC-SLP
  • Stephanie Juny-Ying Wong MD
  • Stephanie Lesser 
  • Swetha Jayavelu
  • Taylor Lorengo SLP
  • Tendy Chiang MD
  • Virginia McKay MSHS
  • Yadris Cruz-Manugual SLP
  • Yann-Fuu Kou MD
  • Zachary Elwell

Become a member of SENTAC Today!

Annual SENTAC dues are $150 for physicians and $100 for non-physicians.

International Membership is $50 (see list of eligible countries)