2022 Annual Meeting

SENTAC looks forward to hosting this year’s 50th Anniversary Meeting on December 1-3rd at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. More information on meeting registration and hotel accommodations is coming soon!

For the first time, along with our usual Call for Abstracts, we are reaching out to our community for a Call for Panels and a Call for Difficult Cases.

After Scientific/Program Committee review, our chosen Panels and Difficult Cases will be integrated into the meeting. We are seeking early submissions for Panels and Difficult Cases to provide adequate space within our program. 


  • Submitted abstracts are graded individually by peer reviewers based on scientific merit and originality.
  •  Please enter an abstract of your paper (max 250 words)
  •  This includes title, body of abstract, tables, and graphics. 

 Required Format         

  • Background: A brief statement of the purpose of the study and the current state of research in the field.
  • Methods: The methods of study or experimental approach clearly, but briefly, defined.
  • Results: A summary of the results of the study, including sufficient details to support these conclusions. These may be presented in a brief table.
  • Conclusions:  A statement concerning the significance of the work and its possible implications for future research.
Due June 30th.

Call for Panels Requirements:

  • A topic that will interest all disciplines of our society.
  • Presenters from each of the respective fields (Speech, Audio, Peds ENT MD, and Advanced Practice Provider)
  • Space for Interactive discussion among the panelists and audience and not just a series of lectures.
  • Presenters will be able to present in-person

Please submit a title and brief description of your proposed panel by April 30th.
Include your planned members of the panel.
Limit description to < 300 words

Call for Difficult Cases Requirements:

  • Must be specific to the fields of either Audiology or Speech Pathology so they can be presented and discussed during special sessions for these groups.
  • Presenters will need to be able to present in-person
    • Please submit a title and less than 250 word description of your difficult case by May 31st.

    Stay Tuned for More Information…