AV & Poster Guidelines

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Abstract Limitations:
    • Abstract titles are limited to 120 characters.
    • Total length of the abstract must not exceed 250 words. This does not include: title, authors or identifying information in the abstract itself.
  GENERAL GUIDELINES: In order to provide our attendees the best possible educational environment and ensure a smooth and efficient handling of audio-visual presentations, the following guidelines have been established for the SENTAC scientific sessions.  
  • Presentations with audio-visual must be done utilizing PowerPoint technology. No 35mm slides will be allowed.
  • Session rooms will be equipped for single screen projection.
  • Title slides, if desired or utilized, should be included as part of each speaker’s presentation. Title slides will NOT be shown separately on a second screen.
  • If videos are necessary, they should be included as an embedded video clip within the PowerPoint presentation.
  EQUIPMENT PROVIDED: The following audio-visual equipment will be automatically provided in the session room:
  • Computer equipped with Windows XP; capable of playing sound clips through house sound system
  • 1 Screen
  • LCD Data/Video Projector
  • Laser Pointer
  • Microphones (1 lavalier, 1 lectern, 3 table and 2 floor)
  • rojectionist & Audio Technician
  • Speaker timer
  • Microsoft PowerPoint is preferred and must be PC-format.
  • When building your presentation, all files (PowerPoint and external, i.e. movie files) associated with your presentation must be loaded separately and saved in the same folder as the rest of your presentation.
  • If you are speaking in more than one presentation, please organize and clearly label your presentations in separate folders specific to each presentation. Do not put more than one presenter’s files on the same disk. Each presenter must have his or her own media.
  • Label your saved file with your name, date and time of your presentation.
  • Upload your presentation to: https://www.dropbox.com/request/GucR6Wk5fxfbPkTGoCkM by November 24th 2017
  • If you feel that your presentation has something out of the ordinary (extensive files or video clips), please bring your laptop to the meeting as back-up.
  • If you require a title slide, include that slide as part of your presentation. The meeting organizers will not have separate title slides for each presenter.
  • Your presentation must be uploaded by November 24th 2017. Individual laptops will not be allowed at the podium.
  • All presentations will be loaded by a technician.
  • If you have embedded video in your presentation, you MUST test that your presentation can be “read” properly  prior to your presentation (preferable 24 hours in advance of your presentation). 
  • It is the presenter’s responsibility to collect his or her own media (if applicable) at the conclusion of the session.


Computer Slide Format and Lettering
  • Images, movies, drawings and graphics can be obtained from sources such as digital cameras, scanners, and the Internet.Generally, any visuals (not written words) that look acceptable on a 15-inch monitor will also look good when projected.
  • A minimum slide typeface of 24 point is recommended.
  • Use color for emphasis only. White or yellow lettering on a blue background is attractive and easy to read. DO NOT USE BLUE, RED or GREEN text.
  • For optimal legibility, use a maximum of six lines of text and six words per line per slide (equals one frame in an electronic format).
  • Keep illustrations simple. Significance of data can be grasped more quickly in a simple graph form than in tabular form. Use rounded figures. Use captions sparingly.
  • Images: JPG files are the recommended format for images.
  • Sound and Video Clips: Solution 1: Pack and Go: The “Pack and Go” feature of PowerPoint embeds the clip into your presentation file. This ensures that the clip will be in the correct location when you unpack the file on the meeting room computer. Solution 2: Location of audio/video files: Create the presentation with the audio/video files in the same folder.PowerPoint looks in the immediate folder before generating the error that states it cannot find the audio/video file. Always check your video clips in the speaker ready room to make sure they have been embedded correctly.
  POSTER INFORMATION   Posters will be on view throughout the meeting.   Poster Size/Instructions:   Available space is [44" High x 44" Wide] per poster. Two separate posters will be displayed per board.  Poster display boards will be numbered. Push Pins:    Available at the Registration Desk and in the designated poster area. AN AREA FOR POSTER TUBE STORAGE WILL BE ALLOCATED. SENTAC  IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY LOST OR STOLEN POSTER TUBES. BE SURE TO CLEARLY LABEL YOUR POSTER TUBE.

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