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SENTAC and The Aerodigestive Society
2020 Virtual Meeting Posters

3D-Printed, Anatomy-Based Model for Patient and Caregiver Education in a Multidisciplinary Aerodigestive Clinic
Hannah Benjamin, MS; Emily DeBoer, MD; Joel Friedlander, MD; Sparrow Helland, BSN, RN, CPN CN IV

Bastian Syndrome and the Benefits of Aerodigestive Care
Matthew Gropler; Patricia Notario; Jerimiah Lysinger; Jeremy Prager

Biomarkers of Airway Aspiration: Role and relevance?
Taher Valika MD; Mike Gorelik MD; Carolyn Jenks MD; Matthew Maksimoski MD; Dana Thompson MD; Jennifer Lavin MD; Jonathan Ida MD

Too noisy after surgery
Lakshmi Uppaluri; Michael Chee; Robert Manduley; Manuel Patusco

A Case Report: Aplasia of the Epiglottis and the Hyoid Bone in a Pierre Robin Sequence Patient, an Underreported Association?
Latifah Makoshi, MD; Elton M. Lambert, MD; Edward P. Buchanan, MD, FACS, FAAP; Huy D. (Brandon) Tran, MD

A Fifteen-year review of skin allergy testing in Irish patients with symptomatic rhinitis
Andreea Nae MD, MRCSI; Kate Hinchion M.B. B.Ch; Ivan Keogh M.B. B.Ch, FRCSI

A novel surgical approach for the recreation of a pharyngoepiglottic fold for the management of dysphagia
Micheal Gorelik MD; Carolyn Jenks MD; Taher Valika MD

A Retrospective Study of the Prevalence of Food Allergy in Pediatric Patients with Dysphagia
Jennifer McLevy- Bazzanella, MD; Natalie Oberle Seabolt, DNP, RD, PNP; Madhu P Mamidala, PhD; Timothy Fan, Medical Student; Cem Akkus, PhD, MS, MPH; Akash Patel, Medical Student

Allergic Rhinitis Facts from an Irish Paediatric Population
Andreea Nae MD, MRCSI; Colleen Heffernan M.B. B.Ch, FRCSI; Michael Colreavy M.B. B.Ch, FRCSI

An Unusual Cause of Unilateral Vocal Fold Immobility
Ethan Hunter Arnaud, MD; Lyndy Jane Wilcox, MD

An unusual foreign body in the bronchus intermedius: A Bravo wireless pH probe deployed in the airway
Steven Andreoli, MD; Brooke Shrader; Katherine McGoogan, MD; Stefanie Schrum, MD

Assessing the Safety of a Novel Tonsillectomy and Adenoidectomy Post-Operative Pathway
Walter M. Jongbloed, BS; Christopher R. Grindle, MD; Maua H. Mosha, MPH; Katherine R. Kavanagh, MD

Congenital Nasal Pyriform Aperture Stenosis Repair: A Case Series and Discussion of Postoperative Care
Harper L Wilson MD; Nicholas Van Maele MD; Kenneth C Iverson MD

Considerations in Recurrent Tonsillitis Following Tonsillectomy
Catherine Mae K. Geller, MD; Amy L. Dimachkieh, MD, FAAP; Kristen R. Hurst, MD; Daniel C. Chelius, MD

Delayed Hemorrhage following Laser Frenotomy leading to Hypovolemic Shock
Danny (Dong Hyun) Kim; Dr. Alexander Dickie, MD; Dr. Andy Shih, DDS; Dr. M. Elise Graham, MD FRCSC

Esophageal Foreign Bodies Masquerading as Airway Abnormalities: Two Case Reports with a Review of the Literature
Shannon Arader, PAC; Susan Pearson, MD, FACS, FAAP

Management of Allergic Rhinitis in the Community — Could it be Expanded?
Andreea Nae MD, MRCSI; Michael Colreavy M.B. B.Ch, FRCSI

No More Children Jumping on the Bed: Multidisciplinary Preoperative Discussions for a Penetrating Oropharyngeal Arrow
Catherine Mae K. Geller, MD; Julina Ongkasuwan, MD, FAAP, FACS; Amy L. Dimachkieh, MD, FAAP

Peanut Aspiration in Pediatric Patients Before and After the 2015 American Academy of Pediatrics Recommendation for Early Peanut Product Exposure
Elizabeth Oblon, PA-C; Walter M. Jongbloed, B.S.; Mabeline Velez, MPH; Christopher R. Grindle, M.D.; Katherine R. Kavanagh, M.D.

Readmission and Reoperation After Laryngeal Dilation in Children: NSQIP-P Analysis
Nicole Favre; Afreen Siddiqui; Adam Szymanowski; Michele Carr

Rosai-Dorfman: Rare Cause of Extensive Mid-face Bony and Soft Tissue Destruction in 12-year-old Male
Bridget MacDonald; Emily Funk; Stephanie Wong; Daniela Carvalho

Slide tracheoplasty for tracheal cartilaginous sleeve in a patient with Apert syndrome
Owen Darr MD; Jeremy Prager MD, MBA

Supporting direct breastfeeding in a tracheostomy-dependent neonate – a case report
Kylen Van Osch, MD; Kerry Hunter, OT; M. Elise Graham, MD, FRCSC

The Influence of Spikes in Common Air Quality Pollutants on Allergic Rhinitis Symptoms in a 10-year-old Boy
Safeena Kherani MD, FRCS; Faizal Hasham MSc Environmental Engineering, MBA, P.Eng.; Carrie J. Starkie MD

Thickening Infant Formula Without the Use of External Thickening Products
Abigail Spoden; Abbey Sterkowitz; Anna Maunu; Kayla Hernandez, CCC-SLP, BCS-S; Dr. Memorie Gosa, CCC-SLP; Dr. Katlyn McGrattan, CCC-SLP

Tongue Base Suspension for airway management in children with Pierre Robin Sequence
Taher Valika MD; Matthew Maksimoski MD; Shabbir Safri; Sarah Maurrasse MD

Tongue Base Suspension with Encore Suspension System in a 6-week-old Patient
Shabbir Safri MD; Johanna Wickemeyer MD; Taher Valika

Tracheostomy related tracheal tears in pediatrics
Mazyad M. Alenezi; Ali M. Alsudays; Sultan M. Alanazy; Eman G. Almashharaw; Samir M. Bawazir

A Rare Case of Spontaneous Progressive Pneumocephalus in a Pediatric Patient
Kelly C. Landeen, MD; Lyndy J. Wilcox, MD

An Unexpected Cyst of the Ear Lobule
Jennifer N. Shehan, MD; Jessica R. Levi, MD

An Unusual Lesion of the Lateral Temporal Bone
Macaulay Ojeaga; Sean McKee M.D.; Amanda S. Tchakarov M.D.; Aniruddha Patki M.D.; Manish Shah M.D.; Roy Soham M.D.

Are antibiotics justified in secondary tonsillectomy haemorrhage?
Andreea Nae; Mohammad Habibullah Khan; Ivan Keogh M.B. B.Ch, FRCSI

Bacterial tracheitis resulting in Innominate Artery dehiscences
Shabbir Safri; Matthew Maksimoski MD; Taher Valika

Bilateral Middle Ear Myxomas in a Pediatric Patient
Laura Henry, MD; David R. Lee, MD; Robert O’Reilly, MD

Bilateral vocal cord paralysis as a presenting symptom of myasthenia graves crisis: A case report
Ashley Ng; Cecille Sulman

Capillary hemangioma of the submandibular gland: an unusual entity in infants
Mark I Knackstedt, BS; Shaina Gong, BS; Soham Roy, MD, FACS, FAAP

Case Report: Pediatric Follicular Lymphoma of the Parotid Gland
Shay Bourgeois, BS; Tyce Kearl, MD, PhD; Michael Burke, MD; Michael McCormick, MD

Castleman’s Disease: The Great Neck Mass Imitator
Bridget MacDonald, B.A.; Wen Jiang, M.D.; Daniela Carvalho, M.D., M.M.M

Clinical Characteristics and Morbidity for Pediatric Salivary Gland Malignancies
Madhukar Kumar, BS; Maximilian C. Stahl, BA; Nirav Patil, MBBS, MPH; Todd Otteson, MD, MPH

Comparison of Immediate Postoperative Recovery after Adenotonsillectomy in Patients Receiving Intraoperative Injection of Marcaine
Zachary B. Nardone, B.S.; Javan J. Nation, M.D.

Effect of ERAS on Opioid Use in Pediatric Patients Undergoing Elective Corrective Oral and Laryngeal Surgeries
Taylor Waitt, BA; Kristin Walker, BS, MBA; Drew Prosser, MD; Jack Yu, MD, DMD, MS Ed, FACS, FADI

Hemorrhage and Secondary Infection of a Infantile Hemangioma During Involution: A Case Report
J. Reed Gardner, MD; Colin Fuller, MD, MS; Adam Johnson, MD, PhD

Intraorbital schwannoma involving the medial rectus muscle
Johanna L Wickemeyer, MD; Lara K Reichert, MD; Jeffrey C Rastatter, MD; Tord D Alden, MD; Taher S Valika, MD

Kikuchi-Fujimoto Disease Presenting with Severe Multisystem Involvement: Case Report and Literature Review
Grace L. Banik, MD; Conor M. Devine, MD

Multidisciplinary approach to the operative repair of a severe dog bite to the head
Madeline Pyle, B.A.; Lauren North, M.D.; Michael McCormick, M.D.

Needle tract seeding after percutaneous biopsy of pediatric head and neck sarcoma- a case report
D. Aaron Haynes, MD; Peng You, MD; Amy L. Dimachkieh, MD; Daniel C. Chelius, MD

Oropharyngeal Obstruction from a Suprastomal Tracheal Granuloma
Ishwarya Mamidi; James Leondard, MD; Alexandra Espinel, MD; Pamela Mudd, MD MBA

Parent Perception of Pediatric Tracheostomy “Go” Bags
Jennifer L. McCoy, MA; Kathryn Williams, MSN, RN, CRNP; Allison B. J. Tobey, MD

Paternal Uniparental of Chromosome 7 in a Child with Developmental Delay
Mark I Knackstedt, BS; Sai Challapalli, M.D.; Soham Roy, M.D.

Pediatric Tonsillectomy Admission Practices after 2019 CPG Update
Maximilian C. Stahl, BA; Benjamin Wajsberg, BA; Anna C. Bitners, BS; Patricia Hametz, MD, MPH; Terry-ann T. Chambers, MD; Christina J. Yang, MD

Persistent OSA following adenotonsillectomy in obese children with and without asthma
Meryl B. Kravitz BA; Namal U. Seneviratne BS; Elizabeth Yakubova BA; Nick Yu BS; Anna C Bitners BS; Juan Lin PhD; Christina J. Yang MD

Pilot Study on the Use of Surgical Video Objective Structured Analysis of Technical Skills (OSATS) for Simulated Pediatric Bronchoscopy
Danielle Lyon, BS; Axel Shum, MD; Robert Chun, MD

Predicting the need for custom tracheostomy tubes in pediatric patients
Yu Jin Shin; Andrea Shogan, MD

Preoperative Use of Methylene Blue Dye in Localizing a Small Thyroglossal Duct Cyst: A Case Report
Thomas A. Valente, MD; Elton M. Ashe-Lambert

Recurrent malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumor of the parietal scalp with excision and reconstruction
Raven Dunn, B.S.; Matthew J. Marget, M.D.; Suhael Momin, M.D.; Laura Garcia-Rodriguez, M.D.

Small-vessel arteriovenous malformation of the tongue presenting as infantile hemangioma: A case report
Shane White, BS; Robert Chun, MD; Valerie Carlberg, MD

The role of anti-reflux treatment in the management of infants with moderate or severe laryngomalacia – a systematic review
Samaher Alzabidi; Hanin Alamoudi; Faisal Zawawi MD, MSc, FRCSC

The use of topical amphotericin nasal packing for invasive fungal sinusitis, a case study
Madelyn N. Stevens, MD; Kelly Landeen, MD; James D. Phillips, MD

Closure of Tracheocutaneous Fistula After Pediatric Tracheostomy Decannulation
Solomon Husain, MD; Stephen R. Chorney, MD, MPH; Steven E. Sobol, MD, MSc, FRCS©

Trends in Treatment of Ankyloglossia
Madeline Goosmann, MD; Claudia Cabrera, MD; Jay Shah, MD

Phenotypic variation in siblings with same CASR mutation leading to FHH
Erica Haught, BS; Jasmine Shah; Sachin Bendre, MD

Unilateral Vocal Cord Paralysis due to Meningoencephalitis in a Pediatric Patient
Rachel Hall, PA-C; Sarah E. Maurasse, MD; Alok I. Jaju, MD; Douglas R. Johnston, MD

Unusual Rosai-Dorfman disease of External Ear
Yusif Hajiyev; Kenji Kobayashi; Elton Ashe-Lambert

Utility of Bevacizumab for Children with Juvenile Nasopharyngeal Angiofibroma
Mark I. Knackstedt, BS; Sai D. Challapalli; David Z. Allen; Soham Roy

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